Meet Maria

A U.S. Air Force veteran, a fearless fighter for a green economy, a loving mom, and an effective business leader, Maria Orms brings you her commercial experience, capability, integrity, passion, and undying love for her community.


About Maria

After a successful career in the U.S. Air Force and achieving her master’s degree in engineering from CU-Boulder, Maria Orms has made Colorado her home. As a mother, veteran, and business leader, Maria supports moving Colorado towards a greener future by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, supporting veterans in finding homes and jobs, providing better funding for our schools, and ensuring everyone in Colorado has access to healthcare. Maria’s life experience as a mother, soldier, and business leader makes her perfectly suited to guide Colorado towards its future as a leader in the nation for education, the environment, and commerce.



  • Declare a climate emergency
  • 100% Phase out of Fossil Fuels by 2025
  • Improve air quality with no methane venting and flaring allowed for oil and gas
  • Move all new homes constructed to net-zero
  • State level incentives for residence roof-top PV
  • Ban all single-use plastic


  • Higher Teacher Pay
  • Neighborhood Schools
  • Appropriate Class Sizes
  • Transportation Funding


  • Allow cities to do rent control
  • Require housing developmets to build sustainable and afforable housing options
  • Increase home buyer education programs
  • Enforce HOA policy to protect home owners from unfair corprate pratices

Social Justice

  • End for profit prisons
  • End cash bail for low level misdemeanor offenses
  • Amnesty and expungement for misdemeanor marijuana offenses
  • Make prison and jail communications fee free

“If elected, I vow to fight for the people and a sustainable future for our district. “

– Maria Orms, Candidate for State Senate D31



Maria vows to represent all walks of life and beliefs, knowing that when we work together we can be a stronger voice. She has already begun talking to groups, cities, officials, and people in the community who are receiving her with open arms as a fresh but strong voice and someone who can follow through with actions for them.  To achieve that Maria needs your support to fight for our communities. 

Chris Ward, CO State Director of LegalShield & Former SSG, U. S. Army

“I endorse Maria Orms because she didn’t leave “service to others” behind when she left the military. We need more candidates that are looking out for the best interest of the communities in Colorado and not political party or corporate interests. I stand with Maria Orms for State Senate District 31.”

Dr. Diana Bray, Psychologist, Mother, Climate Advocate, Candidate for US Senate

“Maria Orms is a woman who has fought for stability and survival her entire life. She is a veteran, an engineer, a telecommunications guru and also an environmental champion who knows what is required to confront the climate emergency. Maria will selflessly represent her constituents and have the public interest in mind, always putting her service of others ahead of her own.”

Micah Parkin, Climate & Clean Energy Community Organizer and Nonprofit Director

“I’m endorsing Maria Orms because I have seen the deep care of a mother, dedication of a soldier and intelligence of an IT specialist that she brings to all of her endeavors to protect her community and create a safe, healthy future for all Coloradans. Maria is the kind of person you can count on to do the right thing for the people and not compromise her values.” 

Christiaan van Woudenberg, Trustee, Town of Erie
Editor in Chief, Erie Protectors

“I’m proud to endorse Maria Orms for Senate District 31. As voters, we rarely get the opportunity to choose a representative who truly recognizes what is at stake for our families, our community, and our climate. Her dedication, energy, and persistence will serve her constituents well.”

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