This is Sunni. Her biggest issue is Climate Justice. And I agree! The Climate Crisis is my top issue and encompasses everything from our planet’s survival to environmental discrimination. We have the devastating effects of climate change happening all over our planet as well as our own citizens standing up.

As your Senator, I will push for our state to declare a climate crisis, set an end date for fossil fuels and shut down Bella Romero.

Climate Justice


This is Paul. His biggest issue is Corporate Welfare which is accelerating the Affordable Housing Crisis. $837 million in corporate tax breaks have been approved over the past 5 years to try to incentivize large corporations to hire Coloradans. While these incentives might have made sense in a recession, Colorado’s unemployment rate is currently 2.6% which is well below full employment. The State’s continued subsidies for growth in a legislative landscape where local municipalities do not have the power to negotiate with Developers for affordable housing is a root cause of our affordable housing crisis. This is tied to ripple effects related to displacement, gentrification, transportation congestion and CO2 emission. It is time for common sense legislation to help solve the housing crisis, not accelerate it!

As your Senator, I will choose people over corporate handouts. Our homelessness crisis will not be solved until we have leaders willing to stand up to corporate interests.

Corporate Welfare


This is David. David is a doctor but his biggest issue is teacher pay. And we agree this is a huge issue in Colorado! We are 47th in the nation for teacher pay and 51st in wage competitiveness (with the District of Columbia). This doesn’t allow our teachers to live in our communities or to afford housing. This is causing a teacher shortage as the number of people choosing careers in education decline. Teachers should not have to work night jobs to survive.

As your Senator, I will make the teacher pay an absolute priority. Education is an investment, not an expense. An investment in our society.

Teacher Pay


This is Cynthia. Her biggest issue is healthcare. Healthcare in our country should not just be for the privileged few. We are the richest country in the world and access to basic healthcare should be something available to us all.

94% of Coloradans have healthcare but cannot access it due to high deductibles. We need to make it more affordable and ensure access to basic services.



This is Troy. Troy’s biggest issue is strong neighborhood schools. And we agree! Strong neighborhood schools create a strong community, keep money focused on education and keep money in the classroom.

When I am your Senator, I will stand up and support education funding going to teachers and classrooms before ANY other expenses. And strongly oppose any policies that divert funds from classrooms and kids. Because truthfully, that is the point of the whole system.

Neighborhood Schools


This is Tez. Her biggest issue is Environmental Racism. We agree this is a huge problem for Colorado. From the Suncor refinery in Commerce City, to freeways being allowed near minority schools, to fracking near Bella Romero, a predominately latinx school.

“A new report from the Environmental Protection Agency finds that people of color are much more likely to live near polluters and breathe polluted air—even as the agency seeks to roll back regulations on pollution.”

When I am your Senator, I will use my voice to speak out against Environmental Racism and ensure policies that get created are fair for all communities. We all have the right to live in a healthy environment.

Environmental Racism


This is Margaret. Her biggest issue is education. Specifically, funding to the classrooms. And we agree! In our educational system, we should ensure that the money spent goes to classrooms and teachers first! Let’s keep the foundation strong for our kids!

When I am your Senator, I will fight for and support legislation that prioritizes policies that ensure our precious education dollars go to our classrooms and our kids.

Classroom Funding


This is Beverly. Her biggest issue is the Environment in general. She thinks we should do more to protect wildlife, clean our air up and stop fracking. And we agree!

The Climate Crisis is proceeding with horrific affects. In Australia this week, scientists estimate HALF A BILLION animals were killed due to the wildfires.

When I am your Senator, I will work with passion, focus, and deliberation to move Colorado to a green economy, transition our energy generation and distribution, and ban fracking.

Join our People Powered Campaign Today! We got this Colorado!he whole system.



This is Marisa. Her biggest issue is student loan debt. Marisa has been working full time as a RN/school nurse since graduating from nursing school 10 years ago. She has been making her student loan payment consistently but remains in debt. It is projected that she will be in debt for another 5-10 years before paying off her loan.

We should not be indebted for 20 years for a college education. The trend in this country and Colorado to not invest in our younger generation is forcing them to live a life in debt. According to the Colorado Fiscal Institute, in 2000, Colorado was contributing 68% of the average funding for one student, with the student contributing 32%. Now a student is responsible for 65%! More than double! Rising rent and stagnating wage further exacerbate the mental stress of our younger generation in this country.

When I am your State Senator, programs that are aimed at investing our future generation will be prioritized.

Student Loan Debt


This is Molly. Her biggest issue is Equality in Education, because as Molly noted: “If you are behind from that beginning, how will you ever catch up?” We agree! Your educational quality shouldn’t be determined by what zip code you live in. All students should have equal access to education and opportunities.

As your State Senator, equal access to education will be one of my highest priorities. One way I will do this is to work on establishing a transportation fund to enable parents to realistically take advantage of school choice. It will also reduce car miles driven by parents, alleviating traffic and reducing cars idling near schools in car lines, reducing pollution and is more environmentally friendly.

Equality in Education


This is Laura. Her biggest concern is our environment and fracking. We agree with her! Colorado has natural wonders and beauty that make the outdoor industry and tourism our #1 industry. And we need to protect it!

One week ago the Trump Administration’s EPA downgraded our air quality from an ozone non-attainment area to a serious non-attainment area. Studies have shown 50-90% of our ozone is from oil and gas operations. It is already affecting every Coloradan’s health and we need our state government to take this seriously and take immediate steps to clean our air. We need to transition!



This is Colleen. Her biggest issue is Education Funding. A recent report showed Colorado as 47th in the nation for teacher pay, 42nd for per-pupil spending and 51st for teacher wage competitiveness. We can do better Colorado.

If I am elected as your Senator, Education funding will be an absolute priority. This is an investment in our children and our state’s future.

Education Funding


This is Faye. Dr Faye!

Her biggest issue is property taxes on seniors. She’s concerned how rising home values could price older Coloradans out of their homes. We agree this is a big concern. We want to keep them in their homes and our communities.

As your Senator, I will ask for a review of the current program to decide on what changes can be made to require qualifications and how it can be expanded to ensure older Coloradans can stay in their homes.

Property Tax on Seniors

Dr Faye

This is Lance from Senate District 31. His biggest concern is plastics in our environment. And he’s right to be concerned about it as micro plastics were recently found in our rain in Rocky Mountain National Park.

If I am chosen to represent the people of Senate District 31, I will work to remove plastics in our environment by first introducing legislation to phase out single-use plastic food containers and other packaging that can’t demonstrate it’s recyclable or compostable.

Plastics in Environment


This is Olivia. Her biggest issue is Paid Family Leave. We love this idea! Currently only 13% of employers offer paid family leave. A bill was attempted last year and failed. We are so thankful for the strong women leaders at the Capitol bringing it back this year! Thank you Senator Faith Winter, Rep. Monica Duran and Sen. Angela Williams. Representation Matters!

When I am your Senator, I will stand up for women. Women’s rights are human rights. Not negotiating points!

Family Leave


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