I endorse Maria Orms because she didn’t leave “service to others” behind when she left the military. We need more candidates that are looking out for the best interest of the communities in Colorado and not political party or corporate interests. I stand with Maria Orms for State Senate District 31.

Chris Ward

CO State Director of LegalShield & Former SSG U.S. Army

Maria Orms is a woman who has fought for stability and survival for her entire life. She is a veteran, an engineer, a telecommunications guru and also an environmental champion who knows what is required to confront the climate emergency. Maria will selflessly represent her constituents and have the public interest in mind, always putting her service of others ahead of her own. 

Dr. Diana Bray

Psychologist, Mother, Climate Advocate, Candidate for US Senate

As someone who has fought to protect Colorado for a very long time, I have seen first hand the crises in education, environment, housing,
criminal justice, transportation, and much more in our state. We need more leaders that will do what they vow to do, and Maria Orms is that type of leader. She has worked tirelessly and consistently as a community
organizer and a champion to fight for the health of our people and the environment in our state. I have full confidence she will bring the same conviction and capabilities to SD31 as your senator.

Tay Anderson

Denver School Board Director

I’m endorsing Maria Orms because I have seen the deep care of a mother, dedication of a soldier and intelligence of an IT specialist that she brings to all of her endeavors to protect her community and create a safe, healthy future for all Coloradans. Maria is the kind of person you can count on to do the right thing for the people and not compromise her values.

Micah Parkins

Climate & Clean Energy Community Organizer and Nonprofit Director

Maria is a fierce warrior for justice and equality, and we need Maria to be in public office to make policy changes so that government does what it is supposed to do – protect and provide for all, not the few. We currently live with a system purposely created by elite white males to award themselves complete power and control over everyone else. They have held that control for far too long, and now is the time to put women like Maria into office who will not be afraid to challenge that presumed authority.

Steve Douglas

Councilman, Commerce City

I’m proud to endorse Maria Orms for Senate District 31. As voters, we rarely get the opportunity to choose a representative who truly recognizes what is at stake for our families, our community, and our climate. Her dedication, energy, and persistence will serve her constituents well.

Christiaan van Woudenberg

Trustee, Town of Erie, Editor in Chief, Erie Protectors

Maria Orms’ proactive effort to assist one person specifically with the donation of a walking aid, and her position on the unconstitutionality of camping bans, in general, make my choice to endorse her as a candidate for the state senate seat in District 31 an easy one. Homelessness affects everyone in a district, and homeless constituents–who are often formerly housed constituents–deserve representation in our government. Ms. Orms will advocate for everyone’s rights at the statehouse, as is clearly shown by her willingness to stand up for this marginalized and often powerless community.

Darren O’Connor

Chancellor Scholar, University of Denver Sturm College of Law, Class of 2019

Maria will make a great legislator. I’ve known Maria for years now, and she is energetic, smart, and can be trusted to work for the common good of the people in State Senate District 31.

Tricia Olson<br />

Tricia Olson President of the Board of Directors, Colorado Rising

Maria Orms will make an excellent Colorado Senator. She is intelligent, diligent, and honest.  She is a bona fide progressive who stands true to her principles. She will not bend her principles to fit the needs of corporations.  This is extremely important knowing that money has an undue influence in the politics of today. 

Mike Sawaya

Attorney and Community Leader

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